Diving Mask Gull Mantis LV Bk Silicone UV420+AR CUT Samba Gold


Delivering refined styling with maximized performance, this is the ideal twin-lens mask for skin and scuba divers. Equipped with UV420 lenses and a skirt uniquely designed for increased comfort. MANTIS LV’s exclusive lens shape, low-volume construction, and optimized inclination angle allow for an extended field of view. Features & SPECS: – Skirt with Curled Lip and Integrated Strap Clip – DX Spec Mask Buckle – UV420 CUT AR Amber Lens UV420 CUT AR lenses offer protection against UV & HEV rays preventing deterioration of Lutein (responsible for protecting the eye tissues from sunlight damage). The amber coloring enhances visibility by increasing contrast to better see objects underwater. – Low Volume Volume: 110cc Weight: 220g Inherits the form of the Mantis, but with reduced mask volume and even wider up‒down and L‒R arcs of vision. Wherever you dive, see across a wider field of view. – Drain Skirt – Soft Damper

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