Diving Mask Gull Ventia Black Silicone White


Gull Ventia This light-weight, super low volume, skin diving oriented mask features a sharp look with prominent edges. Ventia is not only suited for free divers, but also for scuba divers alike. Performance: – Leakless System Water is most likely to flood the nose and mouth area when gaps open in the seal between mask and skin. This may happen, for example, if the mask rides up on the face, and if leaking occurs at the cheeks when you are adding a mouthpiece or at the the corners of the mouth when you grin underwater. Here, to avoid compromising the seal when your facial muscles move, the mask form is optimized to maintain fit and feel. – UV Care Lens Lenses with UV blocking protect your eyes and delicate skin.Kinder to eyes and delicate skin, this glass cuts UV light. UV care glass cuts out about 45% of harmful UV-A light that, owing to the depletion of the ozone layer, reaches sea level (45% is about twice the blocking power you get with ordinary glass). The lenses give you the same level of protection that ordinary tinted glass usually provides. But, because they are as clear as normal glass, you both protect your eyes and get a bright and clear impression of the underwater world. – Curled Lip – DX Spec Mask Buckle – Strap Clip Integrated with Skirt Volume: 125 cc Weight: 202 g

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