Gull Fins Barracuda Standard White


Introduced as the world’s first ultra long rubber fins, BARRACUDA’s design is inspired by the long slender look of the Barracuda fish itself. Renowned for their responsive spring-like power to kick through even the toughest currents, BARRACUDA fins are especially recomended for expert skin and scuba divers. Available in both standard and professional models. Performance: – Two Hardness Types Professional【Hard】 Utilizing the highest quality KINUGAWA Super-X Rubber maximizes Barracuda’s quick rebounding action for both up and down kicks. Offering instantaneous power and speed to battle even the toughest currents. Standard【Soft】 Using the same high-end KINUGAWA Super-X rubber as Barracuda Professional, the standard model incorporates a softer rubber formula resulting in lighter and easier fin kicks. Barracuda Standard model allows for smooth handling with versatile fin work even for a long blade fin. – Long Blade Barracudaʼs strikingly long rubber blade give the fin its famous, highly renowned propulsive force. Incorporating one of the longest rubber blades in the world, there is no other fin like it. – Special Rib Form The raised ribs eliminate side planning and blade twist that usually occur with longer blade fins. They also maximize rubber rebound to enable smoother, even more powerful propulsion. – Anti-Slip Grip In addition to the common center-positioned tread, these fins include wraparound grip to reinforce stronger traction on slippery boat decks and rocky shores.