Gull GS Boots Women 3mm Navy


These boots provide a superior grip and are constructed with deodorizing materials. GS Boots are great for skin and scuba diving as well as all-around marine sports activities. Available in 0.5cm size increments. Material: 3mm Neoprene / Opelon® Jersey Equipped with a fastener. Performance: – High Instep The high instep design accommodated for feet with higher arches. – Firm Structure Stabilizing rubber firmly holds the foot and is designed to prevent lateral movement inside the boot. – Special Stitching Stitching is positioned to prevent irritation and blisters. – Opening U-Cut The opening of the boot is cut in a U-shape that prevents boot contact with ankle for a more comfortable kick. – Anti-Slip Sole Grippy sole helps prevents fall and injuries when on boat decks or other slippery surfaces.