Gull Snorkel Super Bullet Black Silicone Samba Gold


Boasting a sleek appearance with ultra high performance features appreciated by any serious diver. Super Bullet sets itself apart as the top of the line snorkel. Featuring a larger bore pipe enabling extra smooth inhalation, dual purge valves allowing for reliable water clearing, and an adjustable rotating mouthpiece for a more natural grip. Features & SPECS: – 21mm Dia. Large-Bore Pipe The large bore pipe enables high-volume airflow and has the smoothest air intake of all Gull snorkels. – Moveable Mouthpiece Freely adjust the angle to easily find the most natural position for you. – Stabilizer Pipe The streamlined pipe reduces drag resulting in less tube shudder preventing discomfort from tube shift. – Twin Purge Valves With double the usual number of purge valves water can be cleared from the snorkel more quickly. After expulsion, any remaining water is channeled into the purge chambers allowing for easy clearing without swallowing any water. – One-Touch Holder To easily detach from mask strap, simply squeeze the sides of squeeze the sides of the clip.

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