Designed with a styled touch based on the VADER mask. VADER fanette features a single, UV420 lens form with a smaller beautifully contoured body. Its specially tailored silicone skirt extends beyond the cheekbones for a more effective seal. VADER fanette is the perfect option for divers looking for a chic, yet high-performance mask. Features & SPECS: – Skirt with Curled Lip and Integrated Strap Clip – DX Spec Mask Buckle – Super Clear Lens Enables greater clarity than standard glass. Objects are seen more clearly. By rigorously removing impurities from the glass, light transmittance is maximized. Skirt reflections on the lens are also minimized with a clear silicone mask. – Leakless System Water is most likely to flood the nose and mouth area when gaps open in the seal between mask and skin. This may happen, for example, if the mask rides up on the face, and if leaking occurs at the cheeks when you are adding a mouthpiece or at the the corners of the mouth when you grin underwater. Here, to avoid compromising the seal when your facial muscles move, the mask form is optimized to maintain fit and feel. – Low Volume Volume: 125cc Weight: 223g Even while inheriting the form of the VADER, the low-volume design makes it easier to exhale into the mask for equalization and mask clearing. – Drain Skirt – Soft Damper

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