Marelux MX-FX3 Housing for Sony FX3 Cinema Camera 21204


21204 MX-FX3 Housing for Sony FX3 Cinema Camera. MARELUX MX-FX3 UNDERWATER HOUSING FOR SONY FX3 is built from high-grade aluminum alloy which provides durability and can withstand even the toughest beating. Ergonomics is also top-notch, all camera controls are readily available at your fingertips and maintain a small footprint which makes it great to travel with. Buttons are clearly labeled. It is very easy as well to assemble and installing the camera to the housing is a breeze with its quick release plate. It also has a depth rating of 100m. KEY FEATURES: Dual Locking System The Dual locking system requires little effort to lock it in place while making it almost impossible to be unlocked by accident, and it will take only a second to open if needed for a battery change. Extension Ring/ Port Locking Design Extension ring/Port can be safely locked in place with the built-in locking system on the housing with one simple click. Flash Trigger (not included) The flash trigger can translate the electric signal from the camera into a light signal, with an extremely long battery life of 10,000 triggers on only two CR2032 batteries. Quick Release Plate A 50kg force is applied to secure the camera with the design of the quick release plate while being extremely convenient to operate.

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