Designed for a convenient hands-free transportation of all necessary equipment for spear fishing, including long fins and guns. • Main compartment roomy enough to accommodate all necessary equipment for the avid freediver, including long-blade fins, with a double-slide zipper • Double internal compartment; one of which has a zip closure for easy storage of mask, documents, and/or keys etc. • External lateral compartments (1 per side) for a secure seating of 2 guns. Guns are seated the bottom in the bi-lined neoprene pockets, while two sets of Velcro straps, placed in the middle and at the top, provide for secure placement of the body and muzzle • 2 series Velcro straps in the main compartment to secure the snorkel and/or smaller or pneumatic guns • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps • Front and back made of “heavy duty” PVC coated fabric that is highly resistant to tearing and abrasions • Drainage eyelets on the bottom • Fabric handle on the top • Lateral molded handle reinforced with rivets. Material:Heavy Duty PVC heat-sealed water-tight backpack Dimensions: 32x32x95 cm • Volume: 75L.

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