Slipstream Monoprene Fins


SlipStream Monoprene fins are made from neutral, buoyant Monoprene™ material for a lightweight, yet high-performance fin. Made with a covered spring heel strap, they offer optimal performance and easy donning. Flow channels on the blade increase propulsion. With the newly added size M, there are now four sizes M, L, XL and XXL. The light weight helps keep divers' legs in the optimal position when a lean kick is needed. Likewise, it is optimal for divers to reduce damage to the environment while diving in sensitive marine areas such as coral reefs The OMS SlipStream Fins are lightweight, yet powerful fins that are popular with experienced divers. This proven fin is made from neutrally buoyant Monoprene™, an injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer material that provides maximum thrust during downwelling and minimal drag during buoyancy. The lightweight design also helps divers maintain optimal positioning in the water and reduce leg cramps and fatigue. Stainless steel spring straps are included with each pair. SPECIFICATIONS Slipstream Monoprene Fins -High quality Monoprene™ construction -Current channels on the blade to increase propulsion -Stainless steel spring straps with nylon sleeve to prevent pinching -Lightweight design helps reduce leg cramps -Sizes M, L, XL, XXL, XXL Dry weight per XL pair is 5.3 lb (~2.4 kg) Color: Black