Scuba tank and valve services

Scuba Tank 
Scuba tanks are an incredibly important piece of equipment for scuba diving that should be treated and serviced properly. Consider that when diving, you are traveling around at depth with a steel or aluminum tank strapped to your back with around 3000 PSI of compressed air inside of it. While scuba tanks are generally regarded as a very safe portion of your scuba equipment, there is potential for huge problems if proper maintenance, inspections, testing, and service protocols as aren’t followed.

Valve Overhauls
Ensuring your cylinder is well maintained includes doing a valve overhaul from time to time. The frequency of this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Using genuine, high quality parts, is also very important in maintaining the integrity of your valves and your cylinder.

For best performance, all valves should be checked & service if needed annually. If the valves are not worn, all parts can be lubricated where needed, and reused. Limiting the cost of each servicing. An exception to this is the copper crush washer & burst disc. The copper crush washer or burst disc must be replaced when the bonnet or burst disc screw is removed from the valve or every five years when a Hydro test is performed.