Maintenance / service of your underwater housing

Maintenance / service of your underwater housing
A permanently waterproof underwater housing with proper maintenance! We are happy to help you with a service for your underwater housing!
Good maintenance is very important to ensure that your underwater housing actually remains watertight! You yourself have an important role in this. In any case, by thoroughly inspecting and greasing the O-ring before closing the housing and by rinsing the underwater housing thoroughly in clean water afterwards. But also behind the various (push) buttons, controls and flash connections are also O-rings, which ensure the watertightness of the underwater housing and therefore need to be checked and maintained over time.

You can visit our shop ELAB BAli for a service of your underwater housing. We have a workshop with pressure tanks here, so that we can test the underwater housing for watertightness.

Quick Check-up underwater housing

  • Checking the overall condition of the underwaterhousing
  • Check the condition of the main o-ring
  • Checking the condition of the buttons and controls
  • We will inform you about the condition of the different parts and advise on necessary maintenance / repairs.

Pressure test

  • Pressure test to the maximum allowed depth of the underwater housing / strobe / lamp (max. 100 meters)
  • Part of the pressure test is performed with very small pressure to simulate the risk area just below the water surface.
  • The product is rinsed thoroughly and dried.